Saturday, February 5, 2011

Church basketball

Today was our first church basketball game, and our last. I was not expecting a W but I was not expecting a swift kick right in the butt! By half time the other team was up 26-0. Luckily we made a come back and the ending score was 52-12. I did have fun playing and it was nice to get out and get some exercise. I just thought that we could do a little better then that!

Mayah has taken one step today! She is going to be taking off in no time! Its so sad because she is growing way to fast. She is not a baby anymore she wants to be independent and do things herself already. I guess she needs a sister or brother soon!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our new home

Just an update since I am just getting back into my blog. A lot has happened over the last year! Emon went and has come home from Iraq, we have our little Mayah bug, and we just recently moved to Olympia, Washington.

Mayah is such a joy in our lives! She is now 8 months and super busy! She is doing all sorts of new things from waving to almost walking. We just bought her a walker and she can seriously move on that thing. She is always smiling and happy until it is time to take a nap or go to bed! We are so happy that she is in our lives we could not ask for a better baby!

The move to Washington was very crazy! Emon drove from Georgia to Salt Lake City by himself, then picked Mayah and I up and we drove the rest of the way in the U-Haul. All three of us were in the front set of the U-Haul, it was a tight squeeze but we made it! We found a cute little house in Olympia. Its about 25 minutes to the base for Emon and has a lot of close stores for me. We have really enjoyed being here so far. Our ward is very welcoming and nice, I have already gone to a play group and basketball. Which about killed me I have not ran in a really long time! We are just trying to get settled and back into a routine.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Three crazy boys

Emon and I have been helping our friend Ana out by taking Wes and Wyatt for a couple hours. These boys are so fun to be around! They love to come over to our unbaby proof house and destroy whatever they can get their hands on! Once they get in the house they automatically expect us to strip them down to their diapers to run around. They are so fun to have but its so nice when their tired to drop them back at home!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Anniversary

Sunday was our First Anniversary! Saturday we celebrated, we went down town and walked on River Street and walked through all the beautiful squares. Emon took me to this little Irish Cafe in the middle of What I like to call Irish Town. The Cafe was called Mellow Mushroom, and yes a leprechaun was our server! The food was very good and it was fun going to a new place. When we got back home Emon surprised me with a shelf that I have been wanting and a vase of roses that were the same color as our wedding roses!

Sunday night we got out our frozen cake to have a bit. It was a bit scary, it kind of smelled good but It was a little moist in the middle and dry on the outside. Most of the frostin had come off on the tin foil but we decided that we would take a naste. No joke Emon was being a little dramatic and pretending to throw-up. It was pretty bad!! Over all we had a great anniversary!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Trip to Chicago

Field Museum, Sue the Dino

Navy Pier

Cubs vs. Phillies

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Todd, Lanette, Tricia (Taylor Lynn in the belly) Tyler and I went for a family vacation to Chicago. Emon was not able to go because he is working hard and training in California's desert. Arriving in Chicago on Wednesday our first stop was to hit the famous Chicago deep dish pizza. After eating way to much pizza, we had to go sleep it off! Thursday we got to go to Wrigley Field home of the Cubs. It was so fun to go see the ivory wall and eat a good hot dog! The cubs ended up getting there butts kicked! The next day we went SHOPPING! The magnificent mile is some good shopping! It was alot of walking but totally worth it! Saturday we went to the air and water show. It was a bunch of airplanes doing crazy tricks in the air! Also we walked along Navy Pier! That night we went to a fabulous Greek restaurant in Greek town and I got to try some lamb and saganaki (flaming goat cheese). Sunday we made our journey home! After a 2 1/2 hour delay on the runway we finally got home! We had a great time!!! Can't wait till our next trip!

Monday, July 13, 2009

This Summer

Scottie Emon and pops

Nate Abby and Nick at Lagoon!

Emon and Nick on Dino Drop


Nater Jam'n out by himself

Me and Tricia

We have been doing alot this summer so far. Here in Georgia it has been so hot and humid I like to spend most of my days in the pool just to keep cool! This past two weeks we got to come back to Salt Lake and see our family and hang out with a few friends. It was so good to get to go home for two weeks I did not have to cook once!!! We went to Lagoon with my family which was pretty fun even though I did not ride many of the rides and also we went to two Real Salt Lake soccer games and to the Bee's baseball game! Over all it was a very awesome trip!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its been to long!

Its been a long time since I have done anything on here! To catch you up we are having alot of fun in the sun this summer. About 2 weeks ago Todd and Lanette came out here and we had a blast! We went and ate some good southern food everynight! Also we went to South Carolina to Hilton Head Island and went to the beach and did some shopping!
We are coming back to Utah on June 24th! We are very excited to come back and see family and friends! It will be ok to leave this hot hot weather for a little bit as well!